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Spartans Sports


Posted Tuesday, January 29, 2008 by Kibbe Foss

A lot of parents are asking us to clarify the equipment that each girl must have for the season. Below is a list of what each girl needs and an explanation of what it is:

1. Cage Goggles: These goggles can be found at lacrosse stores, sports stores such as Dicks and Academy. These goggles do not have plastic as the lenses but have a metal cage around the eyes.

2. Cleats: Soccer cleats work just fine. The girls just cleats so that they do not roll their ankles running on the field.

3. Mouth Guards: The girls need about 2 - 3 of these. They are easy to lose but a MUST to play. They cost about $5. IMPORTANT MOUTH GUARDS MUST BE WHITE OR COLORED, no clear mouth guards this year, its a new rule. The girls need to mold these to their teeth: They do this by boiling water, placing the mouth guard in the water until in becomes visibly soft and then fish it out with a fork, shake off water and then they immediately place it in their mouth and push against their teeth. Once they take it out, it will begin to harden.

4. Stick: They need a GIRLS lax stick with "no pocket" in the net. They can get this at Dicks or Academy.

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